Announcement!! New low cost damp surveys for tenants

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Brand new WhatsApp surveys for Tenants

Damp Genius are proud to launch a brand new service which we believe is unique in the industry!

We are now able to conduct low cost damp surveys for tenants of private rented and housing association homes using WhatsApp!

The Tenants Problem

The aim is to help rental tenants solve one of the perennial problems of being a tenant – your landlord will always employ a surveyor or contractor who is sympathetic to the landlords viewpoint. Whilst this is totally understandable and as private landlords ourselves we do get it, this does leave the tenant in a tricky position since they cannot get their own surveyor to enter the property without the landlords permission.

Now look – we know that 90% of landlords are doing a good job unfortunately there are always going to be some who let their properties in a poor state. It is in these cases that we feel tenants legitimately need some help and we really want to help them.

We believe that fast and professional advice can be given over WhatsApp removing the need for a surveyor to enter the property. Using photos and videos it will be possible to discuss the likely causes of the damp problem and make recommendations for the next steps to be taken.

whats app damp survey for tenants

The Virtual Damp Survey Process

The process is designed to be as simple to use as possible. Tenants can simply choose the service level they need on this page here and the WhatsApp survey runs for a 24 hour period (Monday to Friday).

There are various options to choose from including things such as:

  • Video calls
  • Photos
  •  Causes of the damp or mould problem explained
  • An action plan to get the problem sorted
  • Tailor made professional letters which the tenant can send to the landlord explaining the problem and detailing the landlords legal requirements
  • Full explanation of UK law relating to damp and mould in properties
  • Visual assessment of property ventilation

To find out more about this process you can contact us via email or telephone as shown at the top of the page. Or click the read more button to be taken to the specific page for the virtual damp survey for tenants.

This service was recently featured on the ground breaking Landlord rating website Marks Out Of Tenancy.

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