Damp and mould driving you up the walls?

If you rent your home it can be really difficult to get impartial advice on your damp or mould problem. Your landlord will only use their choice of contractor while damp companies won’t visit your home without the landlords permission. You can end up feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place!

A professional survey conducted over WhatsApp solves the problem as we do not need the landlords permission to comment on photos and video. This is the most straightforward and low cost way to get expert advice on any damp problem in your home and aimed specifically at people renting.

We give you all the tools YOU need to get your landlord or housing association to do something about the problem. 

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Why Get WhatsApp Advice?

Protect Your Family

The NHS state that damp and mould can be harmful to health. In particular children and older people with respiratory problems such as asthma or COPD.

Get Answers

As a tenant it can be incredibly frustrating to get answers from someone independent. Typically landlords use their own contractors who are on their side and if you try to get a contractor in yourself they won't come as you rent. Damp Genius will be on your side.

Diagnosis From Photo or Video

The truth is that 90% of damp problems can be diagnosed from photos or video. After your consultation you will know if the damp or mould is caused by water coming in, ground water coming up the walls or moisture in the air.

Take Action

After your consultation you will fully understand what is causing the the damp or mould problem. If you like we will even prepare an action plan you can put in place to make your home safe and dry.

Professional Damp Surveyors

All the damp genius's we use are qualified damp surveyors to CSRT level as a minimum. Mortgage lenders trust us and so can you.

Inform Landlord

The information you get from your consultation can be used to tell your landlord exactly what the problem is and give them sensible recommendations on what can be done to fix it. We can put together a personlised letter for you to simply email or post to them.

whats app damp survey for tenants
"Damp Genius were able to tell me what was likely causing the mould in my daughter's bedroom. Armed with this knowledge my landlord had to fix the problem."
condensation mould problem
A mother of two girls
Devon, UK

Choose your package

A damp genius surveyor will contact you on WhatsApp once payment has been processed. 



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"A great way to protect your family from damp and mould."

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