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We carry out damp proofing, surveys and repair works to create healthy buildings across Exeter and the surrounding areas.

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If your property in Exeter needs damp proofing then Damp Genius are able to help. Houses in Exeter vary in construction considerably and are all different. However, any damp surveyor who has worked the area for a while will tell you that the classic red brick terraces around St. Leonards and Alphington almost always have rising damp in the front bay windows.

The area also has many properties built using the local Heavitree stone which is a red sandstone that tends to have fairly sharp larger stones within it. Treating this Heavitree stone can take a bit of careful thought to ensure the most effective damp control system is used.

Damp Proofing Services

As experts in carrying damp surveys and damp repairs Damp Genius are able to offer a range of services. These include:

damp proofing exeter

We work with a number of estate agents and property management companies in Exeter. If you are looking to purchase a property and need a damp survey then contact us. We can usually pick up keys or meet the estate agent at the property.

All survey reports are completed and sent to you within 48 hours so you can quickly progress with your property purchase.

Exeter Damp Proofing Specialists

Our damp specialists survey will include:

Firstly we pride ourselves on using plain english in all damp survey reports. We do not use industry language that makes sense to us but may not mean anything to you.

All surveys are conducted by a professional surveyor qualified to CSRT and CSSW level by the PCA (Property Care Association). At typical damp survey will start outside to check for any problems with the walls or roof that could be causing damp problems inside.It is amazing how often the problem can be traced back to a leaky gutter or some overzealous wisteria.

Once the outside has been checked over the survey moves inside with a check of all the ground floor walls for rising damp. Whilst making these checks the ground levels are checked along with floorboards for any springiness that could indicate a damp and rot problem.

Upper floors are checked for any signs of damp penetration which could be causing an issue. Rising damp only reaches about 1.2m high off the external ground so this will not be an issue on upper floors. However, we often find problems on chimney breasts and on external walls.

Once the survey is completed all the findings are typed up into a detailed report with photos of problem areas. We will quote for any works which need to be carried out and this will be included in the damp report. All of this is completed within 48 hours!


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