Damp Survey and Investigation

Do you need a damp survey and investigation works on your property? Damp Genius can carry out comprehensive damp surveys to detail exactly what is happening in the property and why it is happening.

Our process starts with gaining a broad understanding of the issues currently presenting in the property plus any relevant background information. In some cases, such as a pre-purchase survey or a newly purchased property, the full background may not be know. Building survey reports and healthy amount of on the job experience can help our surveyor build up a picture of the building.

Types Of Damp We Can Find

During the damp survey and investigation of the property the surveyor will map out the building using a range of instruments. Once this has been completed a more in depth look at specific areas will be undertaken to identify the type of damp and the cause.

Damp Survey and Investigation

Get to the bottom of your damp problem and find a solution.

Common Causes Of Damp Problems

As the list above demonstrates there are many types of dampness commonly present within buildings. All of them have the potential to create an unhealthy living space while damaging the property long term. 

The list of causes are numerous and can often be very unique to the particular setting of the building. However, broadly speaking these are the most common ones a damp surveyor will find.

Damp Survey Report

Once our surveyor has identified the type of damp and the cause of the damp they will be able to discuss with you their findings either at the property or over the phone afterwards.

A full damp survey and investigation report will be prepared which we aim to send to you within 72 hours of the survey being undertaken. The report will contain all of our findings, large photographs and recommendations for remedial works.

If you have asked us to provide a quote for the work then this will also be included in the report.

damp survey and investigation report

To book a damp survey and investigation for a property which you currently own or are in the process of buying you can either email or phone using the contacts below or at the top of the page.We look forward to meeting you!

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