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Dan R
Dan R
Homebuyer, Newton Abbot, Devon
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...efficient, professional and extremely friendly. He explained the potential issues and within 36hrs sent me a detailed report that explained the issues present. I would absolutely recommend this company!
Homeowner, Ashburton, Devon
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We are very pleased with the result and please pass on thanks to all your team who worked here. They were all really super and left everything very tidy."​
Landlord, Torquay, Devon
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Thank you very much for a superb job, I called round today and was really impressed with the work, neat, tidy and definitely better than new!

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We offer comprehensive damp surveys in Dorset including Bournemouth, Dorchester, Lyme Regis and all the many villages in between.

A full damp survey may be requested by your mortgage company or it may be that you have an ongoing issue with a damp problem that you need expert advice on. You may even have had conflicting information from ‘free survey’ damp proofing companies and now find yourself even more confused than you were before.

If you ask a contractor to tell you what the issue is then there is always some bias towards the solution they can offer. This isn’t a case of anyone trying to pull the wool over your eyes, it is simply human nature – you want a solution and the contractor wants to sell you one to make money.

On the other hand, with an independent survey you pay for the damp surveyors time upfront and there is nothing more to be sold. A detailed investigation will follow with proper consideration given to the construction of the building and all possible routes of water entry. We want to find the source and cause of the damp problem rather than recommending treating the symptoms using some chemicals.

Damp houses in Dorset can have some specific challenges compared to other areas of the country as many properties are older buildings – (Sandbanks excluded!). Cob is a common building material in Dorset villages and this needs extra special consideration and understanding how old buildings are designed to breathe. Around Dorchester and Bournemouth there are many Edwardian and Victorian properties which are solid walled and again these need to be allowed to breathe.

Below are examples of things we can look at:

We Offer Damp Surveys In Dorset For These Areas

We carry our damp survey Dorset across the county including Dorchester, Lyme Regis, Blandford Forum, Wimborne, Ferndown, Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Bridport, Bere Regis and all the many smaller villages in between.

At Damp Genius we promise to provide any advice, reports or recommendations in plain English which you will be able to understand. We are not in the business of bamboozling people with fancy words!

We like to have an initial conversation with you by telephone to determine roughly what the nature of the problem is. Following that conversation we will carry out the survey as per the agreed terms, i.e. survey one room, one specific corner, the entire house, the house and the garage.

If we need to prepare a report then you can be assured that it will be compiled quickly and sent to you within 5 working days. If you want it quicker than that then please ask and it may be possible subject to an additional fee.

damp surveys dorset

How Our Dorset Damp Specialists Conduct A Damp Survey

After many years in the damp proofing industry it becomes very hard to ignore the fact that damp problems can be solved using a myriad of different methods and there is no single approach which is best. The type of the building and the customers expectations will play a large part in the correct solution.

We follow the recommendations laid down in various technical documents including the BRE245 Rising Damp in Walls plus for older properties we follow BS7913 Guide to Conservation of Older Buildings. More recently the Property Care Association, Historic England and RICS got together to produce a guidance document entitled Investigation of Moisture and its Effects In Traditional Buildings which gives a useful framework to work from.

All surveys begin with gaining a thorough understanding of the construction of the building, both how it is today and how it should have been when built. This is an absolutely fundamental part of the process and must not be overlooked. Sadly, my many years in the damp industry has taught that so often a ‘one size fits all’ approach is offered to solving damp without due consideration for the building. A historic stone built Devon long house cannot be treated the same as a 1950’s built cavity walled house. This is not simply an aesthetic thing rather there is a fundamental difference in how those two types of buildings are intended to regulate water ingress and humidity – both styles of construction work very well, however, the problems happen when the construction methods are mixed up. A building that is meant to breathe should not be sealed, likewise a building which is meant to be sealed shouldn’t be encouraged to breathe.


Devon Damp Proofing Specialists

Our specialist damp survey includes:

  • Most surveys take 2 – 4 hours depending on the size of the building and the faults found.
  • External inspection to look for any building defects/faults which could be causing damp. These include broken gutters, defective mortar, cracked render or cracked stone. 
  • Areas of the building which are below ground will be identified.
  • Any existing damp proof courses will be searched for and the quality of them assessed.
  • Internal inspection of areas which are causing you or the occupants concern. Calcium carbide (speedy) meter readings will be taken where possible to give an exact moisture content in walls.
  • Hygrometer readings, to measure water in the air, are routinely taken as too much water can lead to problems. 
  • Air flow readings will be taken from any extract fans fitted in the property. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers people have about their survey.

How long does it take for me to get a report?

We aim to carry out the survey at a convenient time within 3 working days of your enquiry.  Once we have carried out the damp or timber survey we will write up a report and quote to send by email within 5 days. We can do the reports within 48 hours for a small additional charge.

Do you charge for surveys?

Yes. As independent and impartial specialist damp surveyors all surveys are charged for. We do not wish to sell you any unnecessary works such as rising damp injections or spray on water repellents. Typically our honest and expert advice saves customers money. Surveys will cost around £250 to £400 dependent on the size and location of the building.

I'm buying a house - can you do a damp and timber survey on it?

Yes we can. Homebuyers surveys will often suggest a ‘Damp and Timber Specialist’ carries out a survey. The Damp Genius surveyor will be  qualified to CSRT and CSSW level as asked for by mortgage companies. We can even arrange to collect keys from the Estate Agents if you are unable to meet us at the property.

I am a tenant, can you do a survey for me?

Yes we can. However, we will need to get your landlords permission to do so. If this is a private landlord then you should ask them to contact us directly to make the arrangements. For social housing associations we work with a number of them so please feel free to ask them to book a survey with Damp Genius.

Do you fix rising damp problems?

Stephen Boniface, former chairman or RICS, has stated that true rising damp is a myth and chemically injected damp proof courses are a complete waste of money. Whilst we may not completely agree with this statement we do treat anything which looks like rising damp with caution. Very often a detailed survey will identify other issues which are leading to the damp, such as high ground levels, poorly ventilated sub floor voids, cracked render externally, leaks, blocked cavities, the wrong render used etc etc.

Can you quote for the work you recommend?

We are impartial and independent surveyors so do not carry out damp proofing works with the exception of ventialtion installs which we do carry out. When a damp survey is carried out properly the cause is extremely unlikely to be rising damp and far more likely to be something which you or a friendly builder can solve at low cost. This is far, far, cheaper than having works done by a specialist damp contractor. We will prepare a specification and estimate cost should that be needed.

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