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Dan R
Dan R
Homebuyer, Newton Abbot, Devon
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...efficient, professional and extremely friendly. He explained the potential issues and within 36hrs sent me a detailed report that explained the issues present. I would absolutely recommend this company!
Homeowner, Devon
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....punctual and professional and provided not only a comprehensive report but also was able to offer the solution. I strongly recommend Damp Genius if your looking for an honest and professional assessment.
Homebuyer, Devon
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Tom was great. Provided a comprehensive, clear report. Really thorough, professional and helpful. Would definitely recommend.

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Damp Genius are your local, specialist damp surveyors Exeter who can confidently find solutions to long term damp problems. We carry out comprehensive mould, timber and damp surveys on all types of buildings found in Exeter, from the 9″ brick walled terraces of Alphington and St Leonards to the more modern mid-century houses of Heavitree. 

We cover the surrounding areas of Exeter where the characteristic Heavitree stone has often been used and can lead to some very specialist damp challenges for current owners. Damp survey areas include Topsham, Exmouth, Crediton and Chudleigh. 

Our damp specialists can survey a wide range of damp and timber issues commonly found in Exeter such as symptoms of rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation and mould problems. We carry a large amount of survey kit to help us give you an accurate assessment of the causes of the dampness so our typical survey methods may include thermal imaging, calcium carbide meter damp tests and salts analysis for the presence of groundwater. 

One of the most common issues we find ourselves surveying is dampness below the bay windows of the classic Exeter mid-terraced brick house. This is commonly diagnosed as rising damp by damp proofing companies offering free damp surveys, however, we recommend that a second opinion is gained before paying for expensive damp proof course injections. Most of these properties are solid walled, built around 1900 to 1920 and have perfectly adequate bitumen damp proof courses installed already! 

damp surveyors exeter
damp surveyors exeter

Experienced Surveyors

Our principle surveyor has over 8 years experience surveying damp properties. The survey you will receive will be extremely detailed and include salts analysis, calcium carbide tests and thermal imaging as required. All damp surveyors hold the CSRT and CSSW.

No Sales Pressure

We charge a nominal amount for damp surveys so that we do not need to hunt for work. If you have a damp problem you need an honest and experienced opinion not a pushy salesman with a target to hit.

Honest Solutions

When you have a free damp survey from a damp proofing contractor they have an agenda to generate business by selling a specific solution. Our aim is to give you an honest opinion on the damp - we will tell you if no works are needed.

What Can Damp Surveyors Exeter Help With?

Our specialist damp surveyors in and around Exeter can help you with a wide range of damp and timber issues in both modern and traditionally built properties. We understand that traditional solid walled properties, such as Heavitree stone, deal with moisture and damp differently to modern cavity walled buildings and all of our surveys will take account of this during diagnosis and in any recommendations. A specialist damp survey is far more detailed than anything which you can get from a free survey provided by a damp proofing contractor, after all – you get what you pay for!

Damp at the base of walls – so commonly mis-diagnosed as rising damp that the former chair of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has stated that true rising damp is “as rare as rocking horse s**t”. In Exeter we find that most Victorian homes have a perfectly fine damp proof course and the Heavitree stone ones do not need one. Our surveys are carried out in accordance with BRE245 guidance and look at all other causes of rising damp before recommending a damp proof course injection. 

Penetrating damp – water ingress can occur through cracked render, poor pointing, plastic paints and also from below ground walls. Our damp survey will find these causes and explain to you how to fix them. 

Timber decay and woodworm – damp walls often lead to elevated moisture levels in timbers which in turn create perfect conditions for woodworm and fungal decay, such as dry rot, to take hold. Our damp surveyors will inspect the timbers at no extra charge. 

Condensation and mould – condensation is responsible for far more damp problems than people tend to realise. This is especially true in the many HMO’s and student lets our damp surveyors visit in Exeter.  You may have found that advice to keep the windows open has not helped and in these cases, a specialist opinion can help you make the correct adjustments to the building.  

Incorrect render or pointing  – since many of the Victorian and pre-victorian houses in Exeter are solid walled the quality and type of render or pointing used is very important and does have a large impact on the damp issues. A specialist damp surveyor will be able to tell you what you currently have on the property and if there are any changes to be made. 

Salt contamination  – heavy salt contamination in plaster can make walls appear wet every time the weather is wet outside, giving the appearance of water coming through the walls. A damp surveyor will be able to tell you if the salts present are hygroscopic and absorbing moisture from the air rather than any ongoing damp ingress problem. 

damp surveyors exeter common cause of damp
A common cause of damp in Victorian terraces
damp surveyors exeter dpc bridge
A common cause of rising dampness

Contact us to book a specialist damp surveyor for Exeter, Topsham, Exmouth, Crediton and nearby areas. We can usually carry out the survey within 5 working days. All surveys are comprehensive and include comments on all damp and timber issues found. 

Should you have already had a free survey which has recommended damp proofing works then we suggest that a second opinion is a good idea before paying for expensive and destructive work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers people have about their survey.

How long does it take for me to get a report?

We aim to carry out the survey at a convenient time within 3 working days of your enquiry.  Once we have carried out the damp or timber survey we will write up a report and quote to send by email within 3 days. We can do the reports within 48 hours for a small additional charge.

Do you charge for surveys?

Yes. Finding the cause of damp problems takes time and expertise, there is no one simple cause or solution. We charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of survey time, vehicle fuel and report writing so that we can provide a high quality service. Our fees are extremely reasonable and range from £75 for homeowners up to £150 for a full pre-purchase damp and timber survey on a house you are buying. 

I'm buying a house - can you do a damp and timber survey on it?

Yes we can. Homebuyers surveys will often suggest a ‘Damp and Timber Specialist’ carries out a survey. The Damp Genius surveyor will be  qualified to CSRT and CSSW level as asked for by mortgage companies. We can even arrange to collect keys from the Estate Agents if you are unable to meet us at the property.

I am a tenant, can you do a survey for me?

Yes we can. However, we will need to get your landlords permission to do so. If this is a private landlord then you should ask them to contact us directly to make the arrangements. For social housing associations we work with a number of them so please feel free to ask them to book a survey with Damp Genius.

Do you fix rising damp problems?

Stephen Boniface, former chairman or RICS, has stated that true rising damp is a myth and chemically injected damp proof courses are a complete waste of money. Whilst we may not completely agree with this statement we do treat anything which looks like rising damp with caution. Very often a detailed survey will identify other issues which are leading to the damp, such as high ground levels, poorly ventilated sub floor voids, cracked render externally, leaks, blocked cavities, the wrong render used etc etc.

Can you quote for the work you recommend?

Yes we can quote for damp proofing works. We install a huge range of systems including damp proof membranes, internal wall insulation, external waterproof coatings, smart ventilation and PIV units. We can also fix a large array of external defects which may be found to be the cause of your damp issues. 

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