ProPERLA Installations

ProPERLA exterior waterproof paints and coatings protect homes against penetrating damp and heat loss

An application of ProPERLA masonry creme or facade coating keeps properties warm and dry by creating a super hydrophobic coating which repels water while allowing the wall to breathe.The coatings chemically bond to the wall, penetrating up to 17mm to protect and insulate.

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Walls are able to breathe naturally due to the high vapour permeability of the products

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Water cannot stick to the coated surface, instead it runs straight off as water droplets

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Reduces water absorption into the surface by 93%. Dry walls are warmer walls.

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Self Cleaning

As water cannot stick, mould and dirt cannot take hold on the surface.

Key Features

  • Clear masonry creme for brick/stone walls or choose a coloured masonry system for rendered properties
  • Manufactured in Germany using the very latest technology
  • UKAS accredited and verified by the Energy Saving Trust
  • Penetrated up to 17mm in to the substrate to provide a clear insulation barrier which chemically bonds to the surface
  • The clear masonry product dries clear so it does not alter the appearance of the property
  • The facade creme provides a brand new painted finish for the property
  • Super hydrophobic (water repellent) coating which creates a self-cleaning surface
  • Prevents penetrating damp damaging the property
  • Highly breathable so will let and water already in the wall escape
  • Helps to prevent unsightly salt efflourescence and sulphate attack
  • Helps prevent discolouration of the walls as dirt cannot take hold
  • Dicourages growth of moss, algae and lichens
  • Prevents frost damage
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Stop Penetrating Damp

When applied professionally, ProPERLA coatings create a waterproof, super hydrophobic surface which can help to solve penetrating damp problems. When it rains, coated mineral surfaces will repel the water, causing it to form droplets and run off without being absorbed. This together with repairs to pointing or cracked render can stop damp penetration. 

Independent tests have shown that ProPERLA reduces water absorption by 93.4% and therefore meets the British standard for water vapour resistance BS EN ISO 7783:2011.

UKAS accredited tests demonstrated that by reducing water absorption of the walls, the Facade Coating leads to thermal performance benefits & has been proven to meet ETAG 004;2011.

In addition, testing in a hygrothermal chamber revealed that a wall coated in the waterproof masonry paint and subjected to repeated heat-rain conditions in accordance with ETAG 034:2012, resulted in reduced heat loss when compared with the uncoated (control) wall. The uncoated wall showed on average an increase of 6⁰C of heat loss in comparison to the walls coated with ProPERLA.

The waterproof masonry paint also improves thermal efficiency and contributes to lower energy consumption and lower energy bills, by keeping walls dry. Damp walls act as ‘thermal bridges’ – enabling heat to transfer from the inside out twice as quickly as it would if the walls remained dry.

Damp Genius are Approved ProPERLA Installers

We are proud to be approved installers of ProPERLA products having undergone training at their head office near Manchester. Using an approved installer means that you get:

  • Accurate assessment product quantities required for your project
  • Remedial repairs carried out before installation – this includes repointing and render repairs as needed
  • Professional cleaning and preparation of the surfaces
  • Professional spraying and installation of the product with appropriate professional equipment
  • Reduces risk of costly coating failure
  • Manufacturer’s product guarantee safeguarded
  • Provides a point of contact for post-completion assistance


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