Waterproof Wall Coatings

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Dry Walls

Just a single application of our waterproof coatings will keep walls dry for up to 20 years.

Warm Walls

All our wall coatings have been verified by th Energy Saving Trust to improve thermal efficiency of walls.

Gorgeous Walls

Our coloured wall coatings will make your home look brand new everyday for the next ten years.

The Best External Wall Treatments in the South West

Our specialist applications of waterproof wall coatings provide the very best weather protection available. The system we use literally makes water bounce off your walls, completely eliminating penetrating damp problems. Not only that but our external wall finishes installed across the South West will dramatically improve the look of your home or business premises.

Durable and Great Looking Wall Coatings

In the South West we have some of the wettest and windiest weather in the UK, from the exposed moorland of Dartmoor in Devon to the rugged coastline of Cornwall, our properties need to be tough. For this reason we have chosen to work with ProPERLA external wall coatings as these are independently verified to provide the highest levels of weather protection possible.

During wind driven rain, walls would generally absorb a lot of moisture, potentially causing damage to the exterior face of the wall and damp on the inside face. However, after we have applied the specialist wall coatings the rain is repelled and the walls remain dry. In independent tests ProPERLA was found to reduce water absorption by an incredible 93.4%!

The independent testing simulated 25 years of weathering on bricks coated with ProPERLA – this found that the bricks remained highly breathable, had reduced salt damage, stayed warmer and repelled water.

Moisture content tests revealed that the uncoated bricks showed an increase in moisture by 11.12%, whereas the bricks coated in ProPERLA Masonry Crème only showed an increase of 0.41% and 0.74% for PropERLA Facade Coating.

This equates to reduced water absorption of 96.3%. for ProPERLA Masonry Crème and 93.4% for ProPERLA Facade Coating.

Walls Coatings South West Installation Process

properla wall coating colours
Facade creme is available in range of colours to give your home the perfect look

Damp Genius carry out a free survey before giving you a quote for the works. We are happy to talk you through rough costs over the phone before the survey and we like to assure customers that we do use pressure selling tactics. 

The survey is essential as we need to look at the condition of the walls before giving you a fixed quotation. Key things we look at include the cleanliness of the wall, any cracks or bulges in the render, the condition of the pointing, how deep the mortar beds are etc. We can also show you samples all of the colours available to find out which you prefer.

Successful installation of the waterproof wall coatings is down to preparing the walls correctly. This means that we wash the walls down using masonry biocide before we repoint any missing mortar in brick walls or patch in the render in small areas of cracking. Should the render be in very poor condition then we are able to re-render the whole house and will provide a competitive quote for this. 

All our waterproof wall coatings are UV fade resistant and come with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee.  

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