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Woodworm is common in older UK properties and without the proper woodworm treatment it can lead to extensive damage to a building’s structural timbers.

We see lots of cases of woodworm across Devon and the South West and, happily, can confirm that it is almost always treatable with a professional grade insecticide. The clip above was taken on a job in Exeter where we found a living woodworm larvae in a broken section of floorboard. Seeing the larvae alive is actually quite a rare site and in many years of surveying this video is one of only a handful of sightings of showing what the larvae of woodworm look like.

What Does Woodworm Look Like?

The first thing to understand is that the term ‘woodworm’ covers many species of beetle which spend part of their lives living in wood. It is this early stage of their lives when they are a larvae (think maggot!) that they eat through wood potentially causing structural damage.

There are different types of woodworm, here are the main ones found in houses:

common furniture beetle treatment

Common Furniture Beetle

This is the main beetle we find on surveys. The timber holes are a distinctive perfect round about 1mm to 2mm diameter and a fine wood dust, called frass, is often visible.

Treatment is usually possible with a spray of insecticide fluid that soaks into the timber killing the beetle on emergence.

Deathwatch Beetle

This is the big boy of the beetle damage world! Deathwatch Beetle can cause serious damage as shown in the picture at the top of the page.

Notoriously hard to treat they can live in the timber for 5 years before emerging. This makes killing them a lot more difficult than Common Furniture Beetle.

Fortunately usually only found in historic buildings with oak structures.

deathwatch beetle treatment devon extere torquay plymouth

Wood Boring Weevil

Commonly found causing damage to floorboards at the edge of a room and often mistaken for Common Furniture Beetle damage.

In fact, this insect only attacks damp wood and so the solution is often to fix a damp problem rather than to spray insecticide.

This is where a qualified timber surveyor can potentially save you from unnecessary work and cost.

How To Tell If Woodworm Is Active

Woodworm beetles are seasonal and typically emerge between April and October each year. It is at this time that it is common to spot the main signs that there is a beetle infestation problem within a building which may need woodworm treatment.

These include:

Extensive damage caused by Deathwatch Beetle in an oak rafter.

What Does Woodworm Treatment Involve?

  • Step 1

    Book a survey for one of our qualified woodworm surveyors to visit the property at a convenient time. They will survey the whole house or specific areas requested then let you know the type of beetle problem and if it is active.

  • Step 2

    Prepare the area for treatment. Typically loft spaces will need to be cleared of all the stored furniture, old DVDs and christmas decorations we all aquire over time. If this is difficult for you to do then please let us know and we will be happy to clear the loft for you.

  • Step 3

    The area is treated using a professional grade insecticide spray, which is far more effective than anything bought in a hardware store. All our woodworm treatments come with a 20 year guarantee!

Woodworm treatment by a professional company offering a long term guarantee is the best way to tackle the problem. Did you know that the most common form of woodworm beetle actually flies meaning that spot treatment does not work? The beetle will lay microscopic eggs on wood which the human eye cannot see, once hatched the larvae will eat the wood totally unseen. The visible holes are only seen once the beetle emerges – up to 5 years after the egg hatched!

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