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The City by the Sea has many varied and unique properties which may need damp proofing. The city is also one of the wettest in the UK which creates it’s own set of unique challenges when it comes to managing damp.

The buildings range from solid granite buildings at Royal William Yard that can destroy a drill bit in seconds to the less well built old fisherman’s cottages dotted around the city. Treating these properties for damp presents of unique challenges that require careful though and planning to ensure the success of any damp works.

We offer a number whole range of services designed to tackle everydamp problem that could be encountered in the city. These include:

damp proofing plymouth condensation mould removal

Our damp survey includes:

Having been in this industry for many years there isn’t much that we cannot  solve when it comes to damp. That being said, every property is unique and every property can present it’s own challenges. For this reason all damp works must start with a comprehensive survey to understand the customers requirements and the best way to achieve that taking into account the construction of the building.

If you are a homeowner or property manager with a specific problem then we will look at that to work out what the cause is and how to treat it. We can  get quotes prepared for these works within 48 hours and sent to you for consideration.


Plymouth Damp Proofing Specialists

For those who are in the process of buying a property we offer a comprehensive damp and timber survey service to look at the entire property.

This typically starts outside the building with an assessment of the state of the render, pointing, guttering, chimneys, window seals and anything else that could be causing damp problems inside. In Plymouth we have often found that the external ground levels are too high, perhaps due to the fact that it is such a hilly city!

Once the outside has been checked we then move inside to check ground floor walls for rising damp using professional damp meters. Rising damp only goes up to about waist height so anything above this could be due to a problem outside or even a leak.

Finally upper floors are checked for signs of penetrating damp. Very often this shows on chimney breasts or the external walls of the property.

If you have requested a timber survey as well then the loft will be checked for woodworm and floor timbers will be checked for woodworm and fungal decay.

All findings are then types up into a detailed report with photographs of problem areas. A quotation for any damp works will be provided.

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